A long path covered since the very first parties at the Boy or Rex Club, where Laurent discovered the synthetic musics of house and techno...

He's at the time a student who just got graduated from the ENSCI, (French National High School of Creation).
A cursus which enabled him to tame all the tools for creation, traditional and numeric. He takes part in many projects such as a CD deck for DJs.

Raves from early 90's are blooming. Laurent finds a new way of expression: the mix. He starts as a techno and trance DJ at Radio FG in 1991, and Djays at parties from 1992 on. In 1994, he gets interested in hardcore, new musical style just reaching France. Witnessing the impact of hardcore on the audience, Laurent tackles production and launches
Epiteth rec, very first hardcore label in France.

For this new direction, he takes a new pseudo :
Ingler. He produces many tracks for labels such as Epiteth rec., Industrial Strength, Headfuck, Six Sixty Six, Shockwave... 4 years dedicated to hardbeat, moving dancefloors at Mayday, Mystery Land, Energy, travelling all over the planet to spread this hardcore energy burning deep inside of him.

He created a new label, called
UW and released some records under the name HO.EXE between 1996 and 1999.

1998 will be a turning point. European techno, influenced by the US myth crosses the ocean to conquest Europe. This makes the perfect background to go back to less hard rythmics, try new sounds and new machines.

A new identity stands out, Laurent signs his productions under the name
He launches a third label:
ANLX for techno productions, and creates that samed year the company UWe along with 2 other guys.

His passion for design is not fading though : he takes care of the graphic direction (covers, logos, website and all design works at UWe...) of his labels, and collaborates on extra musical projects whenever he gets the opportunity to do so.
For instance, Laurent realizes the music of an
musical egg-timer deigned by Assia Quetin, for the exhibition -Time-
at the Beaubourg center, a video installation at the Cite des Sciences with Fred Beltran (famous French cartoon deisgner), the music of exhibitions such as -New York in electro cardiogram- by Julien Goldstein and -Side Sonic- by Matali Crasset...

2002 : the final transformation. Laurent Ho works on an electronica project under the name
Carla Elves and invites other musicians to get involved in his project. Therefore, the album gathers collaborations with Aysam -Allen City-, -Manta Outro-, -Renegade-, Nicolas Deutsch -Too Close-, Benoit Bollini -Shark's Callers-... Several titles were played live, with the performance of Yannick de Bitch, a way for Laurent to grasp the public's reaction to his music, to work according to those reactions, to finalize SOUNDTRACKS as it is today.

Perfectionist, Laurent Ho asks
Matali Crasset  to realize the packaging (famous French designer, who worked near Philippe Stark for many years). She comes up with a real artistic object, with a concept based on light reflections, far from a traditional CD box.

With SOUNDTRACKS, Ho asserts his capacity to work on new supports and open new perspectives. An essential contribution for the general evolution of an electronic French scene still shy, creating a unique footbridge to the impenetrable universe of contemporary art.

2008 : release of a new album
BACK TO THE ROOTS, a very eclectic album, with 10 track sung by Ma, 3 in french.
This new LP is a travel from electronica to electro, thru hard stuff and old school techno.
Out on the 10th of july.